Towards a Black Square

Mike Parr

The artist, blind, in an undisclosed location, is navigating a bare gallery space, with brush and black paint, extending the contradictory logic of Kazimir Malevich’s Black Square (1915).

The public experiences this performance at a remove – as giant projections on the walls of the basement of The Old Mercury Building (TOMB).

Towards a Black Square consolidates the memory and the implications of Mike Parr’s previous performance, Underneath the Bitumen the Artist.

Live-stream performance

Date: Friday 7 June, 10am - 6pm

Location: The Tunnel, 24 Argyle Street, The Old Mercury Building


Dates: Saturday 8 - Sunday 16 June, 12 - 6pm

Location: To be revealed


Date: Saturday 8 June, 1pm

Location: Odeon Theatre, 167 Liverpool Street

Commissioned by Detached Cultural Organisation

Presented by Detached in association with Dark Mofo

Courtesy Anna Schwartz Gallery