The Old Mercury Building (TOMB) is a four storey building that has been remediated from its former tenure as a newspaper office and printery.

The Guardian newspaper began publishing from Macquarie St, Hobart, in 1847. The newspaper was soon purchased by John Moore, which, after incorporating several other regional newspapers, and various changes to the masthead, became, in 1860, The Mercury.

During the 1930s, four adjacent buildings on Macquarie Street were combined into a singular structure, and given an Art Deco façade, which remains to this day. The Mercury continued to be written, edited, and manufactured from this location until 2012, when the premises were vacated.

Since 2008, Detached Cultural Organisation was operating out of an old mission church on Campbell Street, Hobart. In 2013 the current building was acquired in preparation for Detached Artist Archive Hobart – for private tours– and Detached Performance and Project Space – for public events.

Dates: 2013 - 2019

Design & Build: Timothy Hill, Mark Young, Michael Bugelli, Penny Clive, artists and builders.

Curation: Michael Bugelli & Penny Clive, artists

Electrical, Technical, Audio visual: Dean Ware, Sergei Nester, Dmitri Nester, Michael Bugelli, Penny Clive, artists

Research & Documentation: Matthew Lamb, Michael Bugelli, Penny Clive, artists 

Lighting: Adam Meredith, Michael Bugelli, Penny Clive

the old mercury building