Installation House (I House)

Timothy Hill

Architect Timothy Hill was commissioned to envisage how Ingle Hall, situated on a corner of The Old Mercury Building, could serve as a multi-function occupation for the 21st Century. There was speculation regarding how a pre-existing cottage, built in 1811, may be better equipped for a contemporary life than would a contemporary building.

A suite of interior installations, oversized furniture pieces, and internal miniature buildings, were produced utilising resources at hand. Rejected timber, recycled remnants, and found objects, were reassembled and refabricated with great care by skilled locals; a scenario similar to the cottage’s original construction. The fabric of the original structure, irrespective of whether it dated from 1811, 1870, or 1970, remained untouched. 

Installation House (I House) retrieves and resumes the multiple uses of the building during this history; it is at once a townhouse, studio, guesthouse, meeting place, learning institution, and occasional site of trade. It is an active archive; lively, occupied, constantly adjusting and, significantly, reticent.

Presented by Detached in association with Partners Hill

Date: 2016

Locations: Ingle Hall, Hobart

Ingle Hall, Hobart

Ingle Hall, Hobart