Pulse Column, by Rafael Lozano-Hemmer, was installed during Dark Mofo 2015, to highlight the site of a speculative project: Art Tower.

The proposed Art Tower was a 117-metre tall structure and presentation platform; a semi-transparent steel structure with a diameter of six metres and a double helix set of internal stairs. The tower would have been skinned in a fine mesh of warm-white LED lights.

The tower was designed around the challenge and experience of climbing up and down its 1300 plus individual steps (650 ascending and 650 descending), making physical exertion an integral part of the experience.

The innovative tower design was a collaboration by architect Robert Morris-Nunn and structural-engineer Jim Gandy.

Presented by Detached in association with Dark Mofo.

Dates: June 12 – 26, 2015

Location: Detached, The Old Mercury Building

Pulse Column