The exhibition focuses on the work of 7 Tasmanian architectural practices.

Forward Brianese + Partners. 1 + 2 architecture.

Each practice is given the opportunity to re-create at a true scale an architectural detail from a built or proposed project that explores the concept 'architectural thresholds' relating to the Design Island theme 'Design at the Edge'.

Karryn Irwin and Dean Baird

The idea of presenting a very small, but considered part of the whole (building) to an audience in the context of an exhibition gives a heightened sense of integrity to details that might otherwise only be appreciated by the architect and client.

Maria Gigney Architects.

It also acknowledges the craft involved on the part of the builder and the relationship between builder and architect.

Architects would work closely with their own builders to construct each detail (this has been established with all participating architects)

The exhibition would also involve the curators as exhibition designers, as the space itself will need to be carefully planned to best showcase the work.